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Indian marriages are wonderful and respected worldwide.

 Life on earth exists because of love .

  A child after birth loves his mother , father and siblings . nothing remarkable , one might say about such things simply because one might say it is natures rule.

 But two individuals born in two seemingly distant corners of their respective worlds, who grew up in what seems to be – at a single glance – two totally different  worlds which have little or no chance of  reconciliation, get to know each other in this journey of life and somehow , incredibly fall in love. And in this fast paced world of easy pleasure somehow a bond is forged between two souls which culminates in the wonderful phenomenon we call marriage.



v     Are you worried that you didn’t marry a person who does not have the attributes you placed on your life partner when you were single????

                  Friends , happiness in marriage doesn’t come from marrying a like minded person. Never expect your partner to be like you because in god `s creation each individual is different. So enjoy the UNIQUENESS in your spouse .


v   Do you think your partner doesn’t love you / take care of you as much as you expect ?

well  , why don’t you stop to consider  whom the problem is with ? you or your partner. Be honest with yourself . I believe the problem lies with you. Why do you expect your partner only to love you / take care of you ? why cant you do that? So ,love and don’t expect in return but just wait for it to grow in his/her heart. The best form of love is “selfless love” . just love and wait for it to grow. Happiness in marriage comes only when we are givers of love and care rather than takers of it.


v   Do you quarrel with your spouse every other day for silly things …….. say ,

         He doesn’t come back from the office in time ? or she doesn’t cook well ?

                       After all married life requires unconditional love to be happy . Its not that only if your husband comes in time or your wife cooks well you have to love them . Quarrels over silly things should help your relationship to get strengthened rather than creating a gap between the two of you.

                    Then you can enjoy those silly quarrels which might work better than nagging .


  In your family life do you come across daily cribbings like say

                     you never come back from the office in time , why the hell did you marry me ????? , look at the neighbours possessions . see I have got nothing by marrying you , and also statements like ,you will never change …, you can never understand me ………….

          If your answer to any of these questions is yes and you have no clue what to do , why don’t you try reading on …

        consider, for that matter nobody is perfect. You cant expect your partner to be perfect. Accept the qualities which your partner has / doesn’t have. No point in cribbing about the qualities which he doesn’t have at the cost of your peace. Boost your compatibility . Couples in crisis focus on all the ways they are different,whereas those who are in love zero in on their similarities and celebrate their differences. Build compatibility by taking turns planning activites to do together . if you don’t like your partners choice don’t complain. She may share the feeling on your choices as well.


v   Do you repent for not expressing what you feel about your partner?

                                 Yes friends , it happens . most often our ego doesn’t  let us be expressive , Keep aside your ego , BE EXPRESSIVE.  Don’t hesitate to say what you feel to your partner , both the good and the bad , sometimes you simply might not get a second chance. All of us feel happy when the person you love tells you nice things about you . why don’t you take the time to indulge your partner? The rewards may make the ride a lot smoother and enjoyable. We do agree that some things are best left unsaid . All we are saying is that it is healthy to keep such things to a bare – we mean a really bare minimum.


v   Do u think u know everything about ur partner/ expect him to know

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