Tips to avoid divorce situations

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To love and then to part is the greatest sorrow of the world, whoever had said was right. To love somebody to be into relation thinking to hold each other’s hand in good and tough times. Is all in vain, once couple decides to get divorced. In today’s world the case of divorce is much higher in comparison with few years back. This is due to change in thought and lifestyle that has changed entirely the structure of family, relation or marriage.

Two people when they are married it is necessary that problems will come. But to end the relation is not the solution. If it is continued then hardly people will leave who are married. The case of divorce had increased due to lack of comp ability, impatience, lack of communication and intimacy. Even the attitude of women had changed a lot. They have became more career oriented. The place of money had become importance then value and respect for each other. But in truth, except in extreme cases, chances are high that at least one of the people if not both, really does not want a divorce. There will be ramifications from family members, friends, at place of employment, or just really do not want all those hassles.

Before taking any step first ask yourself this question that divorce is really what you want, or if there are some things that you could and should be doing differently, looking at from a different perspective, and taking a more subjective viewpoint . Divorce usually becomes a situation when two people who were once very close, perhaps even soul mates, have become separated, due to communications, or rather, a LACK of communication between the two. Communication is a two way street. . One person cannot do all the talking and the other one do all the listening. Talking is a skill that most of us are born with, but very few of us have really mastered, or even tried to master the fine art of listening. You need to listen to what your partner is saying, and value that input since that is what they are thinking, that is what they are at right now.

First, determine what has caused to stop communicating effectively with each other. In today’s world, the answer to that is that both of couple worked full time, and at the end of the day, since both put so much of energy at office job, they have very little energy left over to devote to relationship. Such a situation is not good and will inevitably without fail be detrimental the relation. Efforts should be made to save some energy to communicate with your spouse after a long hard day at work. It may actually help you to unwind, instead of rerunning the day’s hassles in your mind, to put those things out of your mind and concentrate on something else, like your spouse, what they did today, and what was important in their day. Showing interest in the other is always a step closer towards effective communication.

It is always wise to think or find solution for the problem. To run a family proper understanding, respecting each other thoughts is essential. Try to understand your partner and with patience try to resolve the problems. As no problem in this earth is there which cannot be solved. Only which is required is close intimacy and honesty, for happy family.

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