Tips to make friends and have long lasting friendship

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People wonder how to make friends since it’s so important to have friendly relations with everyone around you. Not everybody is great at the art of friendship, and so they struggle in getting along with others. We bring you 5 important tips that will help you in becoming good at making friends. Let’s look at these tips below:

One: Remember Birthdays – It’s so easy. Just keep a digital record of birthdays of your colleagues, relatives, etc. And you know what to do when the alarm beeps on the birthday!

Two: Friendship Greeting Cards – Send friendship greeting cards on friendship day that falls on first Sunday of August month. Apart from Friendship greeting cards, on every special occasion, such as national or international holiday, or a personal event such as wedding anniversary or birthday, make sure you send an ecard.

Three: Offer Help – A friend in need is a friend indeed! Those who help us in our critical times are remembered forever. Look at every opportunity to help anyone, and do your best. You can do their kids’ babysitting, drop kids’ to school, fetch food, etc.

Four: Love Quotes – You would be surprised how love quotes can help? You would be thinking – Why love quotes? Why not friendship quotes? Answer follows. Send love quotes to your friends and ask them to forward these to their beloved ones. You would not believe, people are in search of such quotes and phrases all the time and if you help them, you will be their best friend!

Five: Hobbies – It’s important to nurture hobbies, not just for your mental health, but to foster friendship as well. When you tell some that you like the same song, movie, or sport as the other person does, you would win the friendship. You will be surprised that you will suddenly get a call or message from your friend that he or she would like to join you for a movie since you told that you had the same taste.

That’s it. Grab these tips and implement in your life to reap a long lasting friendship. Cheers!

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