Top ten tips to strengthen a marriage

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In marriage and relationships, I am of the philosophy that it’s all about having the right pieces in place. It doesn’t need to be overly-complicated and there are no big secrets (despite what some will say). It’s like having a recipe; with love, nurture and the right ingredients, it’s simply going to get tastier every time! So without further hesitation, here are my top ten tips to strengthen a marriage and make your lives together get better and better:

  1. CommunicateYou and your partner should always be looking to develop how well you communicate with one another. It is very easy to let negative habits creep in and not question this aspect of your relationship, but you should. Think about what you are saying and how are saying it. Ask yourself if the result of this is going to positive (gaining more love and understanding of each other) or negative and likely to drive a wedge between you.
  2. Don’t argue - This is a gradual process. You will have arguments but this is often a phase of adjustment and getting to know each other. Eventually, you should look to grow out of arguing senselessly and instead discuss (without being malicious or angry) issues that you may have and look to resolve them.
  3. Deal with your stress ­- Both you and your spouse should create habits and routines to eliminate your stress throughout the day.  You may achieve this by going for a run after work, hitting the gym or by having a long bath a reading a book. Learning to let go of stress and anxieties regularly will greatly reduce taking it out on each other.
  4. Invest in your marriage - Find time for each other throughout the week, even if you do have busy schedules. This may involve being a little creative but is definitely worth it. Have date nights, mornings in bed, weekend getaways and afternoons together whenever you can. This is a great way to stay connected and have moments to look forward to.
  5. Be yourself - As important as it is to find time for each other, you should also make time for yourselves. This can be for reflection, relaxing, being with friends or doing something you love. Giving each other space like this allows you to maintain a degree of independence and balance in your lives.
  6. Have faith in each other - it is important to learn to have faith in each other. Recognise when you’re being possessive or over-protective as this type of behaviour and lack of trust can be hurtful and destructive.
  7. Get Healthy - Maybe you’re healthy already in which case, give yourself a pat on the back and head on to number seven! For the rest of us, this really is crucial. Not only will regular exercise and a healthy diet get you living longer, but your marriage will be far happier and stress free so there really is no excuse.
  8. Be accommodatingSuccessful relationship are all about accommodating each other. Make it your aim to be the husband/wife of your partner’s dreams. Put them first for an incredible and ever rewarding marriage.
  9. Show some respectAlways treat each other with respect, no exceptions. Without this, you can’t expect to your relationship to last. Never badmouth, belittle or hurt your partner in any way.
  10. Find time for romanceCuddle each other, kiss each other when leaving for work, make out in the rain, have a candlelit dinner at your favourite restaurant, go to Paris for the weekend, write hand-written letters when you’re apart, give your wife a single red rose . . . the possibilities are endless and will never grow tiresome.

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