True friends never envy each other

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Every person wants to be the most concerned one on parties. And we are all striving to be the best in our work and the most shining one in some particular occasions. Thus,some people will feel bad when people say some one else is better than him or her.They start being jealous of others when they feel being defeated.

This kind of jealousy is more often among women,cause women all want to be treated as the queen or princess in their daily lives.Some women hang out together most of time and feel that they become good friends.But when they attend a fashionable party together,jealousy start growing between them.They start hating each other and the friendship goes to its ending immediately.

Yesterday i received a message from my best friend Cathy,she said she is happy that i have found the one i love and she wishes we will live a happy life together.I feel moved by her words.We are college classmates and have spent four years together.We went shopping together on weekends,searching for the best designer handbags in the market. We went to the park together to enjoy the beautiful scenery in our spare time.We gossiped together for the the handsome boys when we walked around the college.We encouraged each other when we felt down and we felt happy for each other when any one of us get some success.We had a lot of fun together and past the hard times by supporting each other.We are different kinds of people but we have a lot of topics to talk about when we gather together.

There is an old saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed.True friends will think for each other and will stand by each other all the time.They will never envy each other but are willing to be the green leaves if their friends become the beautiful flower.

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