Two kinds of people—two different attitudes

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There are two types of people in the world. Although they have equal degrees of health and wealth and the other comforts of life, one becomes happy, the other becomes miserable. This arises from the different ways in which they consider things, persons, and events, and the resulting effects upon their minds. Would you please tell me which kind of people are you belonging to?

The people who are to be happy fix their attention on the conveniences of things, the pleasant parts of conveniences of things, the pleasant parts of conversation, the well-prepared dishes, the dishes, the goodness of wines, the fine weather. They enjoy all the cheerful things.

On the contrary, those who are to be unhappy always think and speak only of the negative things. Therefore, they are continually unsatisfied with the things or people around them. By their remarks, they sour the pleasures of society, offend many people, and make themselves disagreeable everywhere. If this turn of mind were founded in nature, such unhappy persons would be more to be pitied.

The tendency to criticize and be disgusted is perhaps taken up originally by imitation. It grows into a habit, unknown to its possessors. The habit may be strong, but it may be cured when those who have it are convinced of its bad effects on their interests and tastes. Although in fact it is chiefly an act of imagination, it has serious consequence in life, since it brings you deep sorrow and bad luck. Those people offend many others, nobody loves them, and no one treats them with more than the most common politeness and respect, and scarcely that. This frequently puts them in bad temper and draws them into arguments. If they aim at obtaining some advantages in rank or fortune, nobody wishes them success. If they bring on themselves public disapproval, no one will defend or excuse them, and many will join to criticize their misconduct. These people should change this bad habit and condescend to be pleased with what is pleasing, without worrying needlessly about themselves and others. If they do not, it will be good for others to avoid any contact with them.

I believe that everyone will feel regret to be the second people, as their life will be terrible and troublesome. If you are the second one, please change your life attitude, and try your best to lead a happy life ( ) as soon as possible.

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