Unusual stories regarding friendship show – how one overweight teen created beautiful friendships

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Ask a hundred individuals and you get 100 totally different stories concerning friendship.

For some individuals, making friends is as simple and natural as breathing. For others, it’s a lot of more difficult. They’re different in some manner, and either cannot or won’t match in with the people around them.

Such folks with few or no friends run the danger of leading lonely, unhappy lives. I’d prefer to share a story with you concerning such people, and the way they found friends and happiness.

And in the process discovered that friendships are indeed more valuable than money.

This story is concerning my friends very little sister, Eleanor. Eleanor may be a huge girl. Nowadays, she weighs 425 pounds. Although her family did not find out till long after this story, she has a medical condition known as insulin resistance, which suggests that she constantly gains weight, and it is very tough, if not impossible, for her to lose weight.

Being thus fat set her but the other children at faculty, and she or he quickly learned it was easier simply to avoid them. For a while, she seemed doomed to spend her school years sitting on the sting of the playground reading a book while everyone else laughed and played during recess.

Then one summer during junior high, she auditioned for a summer kid’s play, ‘Finian’s Rainbow’, and won the lead role.

Eleanor is very talented. She’s very energetic, terribly creative, very funny, a sensible actor, and wow… can she sing! But being in this play meant she would be in daily contact with a bunch of strangers for 6 weeks, and she or he was terribly self-aware concerning her weight. She was worried if the opposite children would tease her, like her schoolmates did, and particularly worried concerning jealous actresses who had lost out the lead role to her.

However theater and acting attracts a bound kind of person-a one who desires they were somebody else. The children who auditioned for the summer play were all totally different in their own ways in which, whether or not it wasn’t obvious. They tended not to select on others who were completely different, as a result of they themselves were completely different, and all they very wanted was to be allowed to be totally different without worry of persecution. Therefore most of them didn’t decide her on her weight, but on her personality and talent.

Now Eleanor is understandably very shy, however once you get to understand her, she may be a very sweet girl. Her fellow actors were fast to find this. As Eleanor proceeded to hit all the high notes, nimbly dance the Irish Jig despite her weight, and make the audience both cry or roar with laughter, she earned her fellow actors’ respect. As the forged of the play spent time together, each within the theater and out of doors at forged parties, Eleanor discovered that she suddenly had a large circle of friends.

Of course, the play eventually ended. Thus you would possibly think there would be no more stories about friendship for Eleanor, except unhappy stories.

However you would be wrong.

The social structure that had brought Eleanor and her friends along had vanished. But Eleanor wouldn’t be discouraged thus simply, not currently that she had finally created a circle of friends for the primary time in her life.

Therefore she borrowed a video camera and got her friends together to create an amateur movie. They created many amateur movies together all though high college and into college, and had a blast doing it.

That summer play was over fifteen years ago, and Eleanor’s friends have graduated, married, and scattered to the four winds. But several of the friends Eleanor made that summer are still her smart friends today, thanks largely to the trendy marvel of email and also the internet.

They understood the importance of friendship, they realized you can’t choose a book by its cowl, they needed the advantages of friendship, therefore they opened their hearts to one another.

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The ethical of this story is that anyone can make friends below the proper circumstances. You only want to seek out a group to fit in with. If you or your children are different in some approach, this could be more difficult, however never impossible. First, realize something you or your kid is good at. Then, realize a group of individuals or youngsters doing the identical thing. This might be something-drawing, singing, working on cars, playing with computers… even being fans of a book, TV show, or movie. And if you cannot find a group like this, invent one, like Eleanor did with her movies.

You or your kid will meet people with similar interests, and therefore conversation c

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