Value of sex education in india for teenagers

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Being and Indian we all know the fact that we are getting one of the top ranks in the number of patients for sexually transmuted diseases like AIDS. Sex education in India is therefore becoming very obvious for sure. Sex education for teenagers is a must as they are the ones who are more involved in unsafe sex and gets into trouble. Sex education in India has been given relatively more importance in the recent times. Several debates are prevalent regarding what should be appropriately taught and syllabised in schools and homes. Let us look at deeply into some of the reasons for going into sex education in India,

1. Proper Family Planning: we all know that we are the topper in population and we are failing to reach the control over this every day. We can do this by sex education in India Easily. This will make them conscious of how to go for birth control and they will obviously be making a step ahead to stop it.
2. For Safe Future Long Lasting Sex life: sex education for teenagers has become a must with the cases like girls coming at the age of 13 to be pregnant and making a mistake for the rest of their life. They forget the fact that they can lose real value of life obviously. Even the dream of being a mother can be demolished for ever for sure.
3. For a better and safer Society at large: unsafe sex is making the dangerous diseases like AIDS get their abode in India and to fight with them we need to make the society at large get sexually educated. This will make them a happy life ahead.
4. Sex education for teenagers: Sex education for teenagers is a must as they are the future of the society and they are going to give birth to our next generations and hence if they are safe then our society is safe. They will make the next generations aware also.

This way sex education for teenagers is obviously for India to get success in family planning as also fighting with the growing number of sexually transmuted patients. Sex education in India has already started but obviously going with the right process is also must. A right process can make you stay happy and contended for sure for the rest of the life. Making awareness is the aim of the education so this should be started in all levels in villages as also in metropolitans to get the desired results.

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