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I found Love Washington DC at the ESPN Zone watching the New York Yankees play the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS in 2007. I didn’t go there to look for a boyfriend. I went there to watch the playoffs with a bunch of Yankees fans.


Finding love can be difficult if you look to hard. Try and just live your life like you normally do and I believe love will find you. However, if you stay inside all of the time like a hermit that won’t work.


I was a hermit for a long time and I didn’t find Love Washington DC. I would go to work, come home, walk my dog, go to the grocery store to buy dinner – or order in, and then spend the evening watching TV and old DVR’d programs. It was a very lonely existence because I had just moved to DC from Florida and did not know one single soul. I won’t go to bars alone and I won’t hit on men. Not that I’m a shy or unattractive person at all, it’s just something I’m not comfortable with.


My non love search at the ESPN Zone just sort of happened. He is now my fiancé and we will be getting married next summer. Relationships can be difficult so don’t expect the second six months to a year to be a breeze. I find that there definitely is a honeymoon period and it does end. Little habits of his or her start to bother you, you have your first big fight, start having second thoughts and that’s why so many relationships fizzle out within a year.


But that doesn’t have to happen. Working on your Love Washington DC relationship and making it through the tough times only makes the relationship stronger. I went through a really rough six months with my fiancé but made it through to the other side and now we are a stronger couple. The key is not throwing in the towel too early. So many marriages end too soon because people are not willing to work on their marital issues. Don’t become one of those people. Almost anything is fixable when it comes to relationships.


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