Ways to save marriage – accept more, expect less

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Is your marriage in trouble? Do you want to save it but just don’t know where to start?

Going through a divorce is not a pleasant experience and emotionally tough for both husband and wife. When you begin to realize that you are getting to that point in your marriage, it is effective to look back when the two of you were still madly and deeply in love so you can know where you could have gone wrong.

All couples, even the outwardly perfect ones, go through difficult times. Before long, explosive arguments, unhealthy jealousy, and infidelity follows. Despite the offence of the past and gravity of the mistakes, your relationship with your spouse is still worth saving. Divorce will have to wait. Essentially, it is not even an option if you truly love each other in the past.

Accept Your Spouse and Set Reasonable Expectations

There is no such thing as a perfect husband or wife. Going through a problematic time in marriage will make recognize that. When you were madly in love, things were different. You could never see a hint of flaw in your partner. By and by, those feelings of infatuation subside and the imperfections are magnified with time.

Fairy tale instances do not apply in the real world. Your partner is not always the gentleman and dashing Prince Charming or the fair and dutiful Princess Rapunzel. But like the fairy tales, you can live happily ever after. All it needs is acceptance of your partner’s flaws. If your husband has been a fanatic of a particular sport ever since you met him, don’t expect that he’d stop watching his favorite team on TV just to accompany you shopping. Accept your spouse and embrace your partner’s imperfections. Acceptance and compromise will make any marriage work.

After looking back, move forward and never look back

Looking back to the past in order to relive wonderful moments with your spouse can greatly help. Trying to determine what had gone wrong with the relationship will also put things into better perspective. However, after that epiphany, look forward to your new beginnings as a healed couple. Dwelling on past mistakes and crying over spilled milk is useless. It is time to move on to better things. To forgive is indeed to forget.

Once you have declared that you have forgiven your spouse, it means that you will never bring up your partner’s mistakes again. It is tough, I know, but true forgiveness is really the secret of saving your marriage from past wrongdoings particularly when involving infidelity. It is best to focus your efforts on the rehabilitation of the relationship. Blaming each other will not help you move forward. It will only aggravate the situation.

To save marriage, always bear in mind that compromise and forgiveness are the keys to success.

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