What a social networking script should offer

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Social networking scripts are getting more and more popular each day. More business owners have seen and realized the sense of buying a script and integrating it on their existing company website rather than building a completely new social networking community from scratch. Using the script is but a simple and convenient way to build online communities that would even cater to a specific business niche. Business owners need not to be experts in web programming though they need to have a little programming background to make social networking integration much easier. But of course, business owners may also opt to hire a web developer to manage the script and put up the site for them or if the company already has a technical or IT department, the staff in the department can do the work for them.

What the business owner should be very concerned with though are the features and functionalities that the social networking script can offer. Especially if the script comes with a price (some scripts are free to download), choosing one should be given ample time and consideration. One element of a good script is the level of ownership and control. Business owners must make sure they have full ownership and full control over the site that they’ll be building through the script; this also includes all the data (including views and opinions expressed by members), the functions, the customizations, and most especially the income from building the social networking site.

Another feature that the social networking script should have is the ease of converting social data from one format to another – videos, photos, music and texts. This is important because it helps business owners to easily gather and analyze social data so they can convert them into something useful for the company aside from the fact that allowing community members to work with these social data attracts them to stay in the site and even invite their friends to join. It would be nice to have an instant messenger within the site as well as it helps enhance connections among members. Other features like event creation, group formation, blogs, forums, and many more are other features of a good script. Not all of these can be useful for a specific type of business though so a business owner should be able to point out which features he needs so he’s not wasting money on paying for something he will not need or use.

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