What anniversary are you celebrating

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Can you bring real romance and surprise into your relationship, at least once a year?


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One of the secrets of a successful and fulfilling marriage is to first remember and then celebrate your wedding anniversary in the ‘proper’ manner. Most of us would like to recognise each passing year with a gift for our partner but many of us cannot remember what it is that traditionally we should give as the special gift.


Without doubt most of us can remember that our 25th anniversary is represented by silver and the 40th by a ruby, the very lucky ones know that the 50th anniversary is celebrated with gold. The very few can even recall that diamonds mark the arrival of the 60th confirmation of the wedding day.

How many of us know the types of the traditional gifts other celebratory years represent. Well, in the spirit of celebration for anyone who wishes to make their next anniversary a little special, the following are the most recognised types of gifts that will make you so popular with your partner.

Surprise him or her with your knowledge, appreciation and surprise yourself by making your remembering of the wedding day anniversary more enjoyable.

The following list shows the traditional types of wedding anniversary gift for certain years confirmed by both the young and the older partners over many years.

YEARS           NAME                  GIFT

1 =                paper                 plastics/CLOCK

2 =                cotton                cotton/calico

3 =                leather               leather

4 =                fruit/flowers     linen/silk/nylon

5 =                wood                  wood

6 =                candy/iron        chocolates/candy/jewellery

7 =                copper/wool     copper/wool/brass

8 =                bronze/pottery bronze/appliances

9 =                pottery/willow pottery/wooden ornament

10=               tin                     aluminium tin

11=               steel                 steel

12=               silk/linen         silk/linen

13=               lace                  lace

14=               ivory                ivory

15=              crystal              glass

20=              china                china

25=              silver                silver

30=              pearl                 pearls

35=              coral                 coral/jade

40=              ruby                 rubies/garnets

45=             sapphire            sapphires

50=             gold                    gold

55=             emerald              emeralds/turquoise

60=             diamond             gold/diamonds

70=             platinum             diamonds/gold

TIME plays such an important part in taking those key decisions in relationships: Time to remember; Time to choose; and Time to celebrate.

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