What are orkut scrap greetings and how to use them as orkut scraps?

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There is nothing more enchanting than a cute surprise greeting with orkut scraps to your online friend, or to that old school mate you have hardly been in touch with of late! Even if you do not have their phone numbers or their postal addresses or as much as their email ids for sending a greeting, now there is absolutely no excuse for not brightening up your friend’s  special day with a greeting that inspires a smile and a heart filling joy!  Yes!  Glitter scraps make greeting easier than ever before! To know what it is all about and how it works, read ahead… 

Wishes scraps is basically a solution to the times when you need to send a quick greeting, especially when orkut is a familiar means of communication for you and your friend. The good thing about sending free orkut scraps images is that it allows you to send greetings for free, without compromising on the quality or the standard of your text or the style in which it is sent. You can literally select from hundreds of options where you can opt for the exact image, text and style to convey your feelings! 

If you are new to the concept of greetings on orkut scraps, you may want to know how exactly it works. Actually the way it works and its concept is quite simple. All you need to do is first find out about a website that publishes greeting designs. Make sure to select only such a website that creates designs specifically for orkut, since  Orkut Scraps require a special type of scripting to be sent as normal scraps. Also it is a good idea to look for a place where you get orkut scraps friendships in a large variety of choices, for the simple reason that it will allow you to get a deal you absolutely love!

Once that is done, just browse around the website and make yourself comfortable there. See what categories of greetings are there, and the design styles. This hardly takes a minute or two, but goes a long way in making the rest of your job of searching for the Fre Orkut greetings  much easier. 

After you have got a fair idea about the website, find the search box of the index column, where you can browse through the kind of greetings you want. Are you looking for birthday greetings, or anniversary greetings or something else? It would also help your search if you have any specific concepts in mind- such as do you want a funny greeting, or a sweet greeting, or a poetic style of greeting, etc.

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