What are the different types of greetings on an orkut scrap?

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One of the best things about orkut scrap greetings is perhaps that there is an orkut greetings friendship for almost any occasion you can think of! All you have to do is to name it and there you get it! Some of the most common ones include-

The birthday greetings – These are obviously the most commonly used greetings on orkut scrap when you need to send one; you can be rest assured of the fact that you will have innumerable choices to choose from. For instance, if you are sending greeting to a teenage girl, you can send cute fairy-tale character glitter greetings that look adorable on their scrapbooks. Or if you are sending one to your old high school buddy, a simple birthday greeting with a picture of a can of overflowing beer would suit the occasion perfectly!  Also there are specific ‘sweet sixteen’, or ‘happy 50′, etc greetings available for the special years!

Anniversary greetings- These are usually very sincere and soft greetings, with less humor quotient and more sophisticated ideas and quotes. This is because glitter scraps designers understand that anniversary greetings are different from birthday greetings and should suit the mood well.

Job promotion greetings- Ok so your office colleague just got a promotion and is now shifting to your department. But, you have never spoken to this person before and want to break the ice. What do you do? Simply send wishes scraps with a greeting to congratulate them, and thus break the ice between you two on a cheerful note. Since the greeting is being sent online, you don’t feel hesitant and it yet shows the other person that you are approachable too!

Daily greetings – Orkut Scraps  greetings like ‘have a nice day’ or ‘good night’ are used very commonly too. Suppose you just made new friends online and want them to know you remember them; these friendship orkut greetings work  in a much better way than the usual scribbling on their scrapbooks that say ‘hello’ or ‘hi’. These look causal and comfortable and yet stand out of the rest of their scraps since these orkut scraps glitter knows how to glitter and shine! Otherwise these greetings look great when sent to a long distance friend or relative too, or simply any person you would like to remember!

Festive greetings- Yes on orkut you have festive greetings too! And the best part of the whole deal is that the list just goes on! So whether you live in a Chinese country where you need to send greetings for festivals of the Chinese and Buddhist culture, or whether you live in a Christian country where you celebrate Christmas and Halloween, you have greetings for all! 

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