What do men want in a women?

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What do men want in a women?

Hello my name is Felicity and over the years I have always asked myself one question, a question that I couldn’t answer no matter how much I tried, even though I did my very best    it seemed like a never came up with a good answer. What do men want from a women?

I have gone through several relationships with men and always tried to be my best, look my best, and behave like a good women in all the ways I thought was right.
Somehow it never really clicked for me with a man even though I did all this.
If we flip the situation and think of the reason alot of men out there behave in some ways that we may not like, is cause thats what they believe is the right way, after all its you hes trying to impress with some of the macho stuff we don’t like.

The point is that maybe the problem is exactly the same reversed, that what you believe a man want from you is not what he really want?
I have learned that alot of things that I think mattered and lived my life after is not so important for a man like I first thought.

If your struggling to understanding the men in this world and want to find out what they really want, I can recommend a very good site for you MenMadeEasy. Which is a book written by a very wise women named Kara. Kara has dedicated alot of her life learning these secrets to be able to bring you and others the information that will help you to understand everything you need to know about men.

So if you have problems to understand what he really wants, think you will never connect with a man or maybe your relationships is not going the direction you want, maybe you just have learned somethings wrong what men really want from a women?


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