What does tantric massage mean?

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The word “Tantra” has many meanings but the basic understanding is that it is derived from two Sanskrit words “tanoti” which basically means to extend or stretch and “trayati” which means to liberate. Commonly recognized in Hindu and Buddhist religions, the word has been changed in the western world to form the word “tantric”. In this meaning, it is associated with spiritual processes or rituals to help release the consciousness and expand the awareness of which sexual energy plays a part.

The interaction of body, mind and spirit has been well recognized by eastern religions and they have always sought to unite the two. Only within the last few hundred years has it been more recognized in the west. Everything has to balance. If the mind is out of balance with the spirit or the spirit is out of balance with the body then blockages can occur in the free flowing energy that is contained therein. These blockages can cause illness, unstable states of mind or emotional trauma and these problems and challenges can continue until the blockage is released.

Tantric massage seeks to redress this imbalance. The massage not only relaxes the mind and body; it encourages the stagnant energy that has built up to flow freely once again giving release and allowing the body, mind and spirit to come back into union. Tantric massage is often undertaken by partners in a bid to expand spiritual awareness and knowledge rather than heighten sexual energy, which is very potent. However, in reality the massage encourages and extends the sexually heightened emotions and often the massage leads into orgasm without penetration.

Tantric massage is something that can be learnt and there are many places that will teach the basics and encourage you to experiment on your own. There are also some establishments that will offer tantric massage by their own masseuses. Tantric massage will be carried out with the use of exotic essential oils which have their own powers of seduction.

Tantric massage can also help control sexual urges and master sexual energy. In addition, it will allow you to discover slowly and comfortably parts of your body and your partners without the sudden rush of frenzied activity that sexual intercourse can sometimes cause. It will calm the mind and relax the body and bring everything back into spiritual alignment. In a nutshell, tantric massage is a wonderful way to share and connect deeply with your partner and to grow spiritually together.

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