What to expect from tantric massage by a practitioner?

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The first time you decide to try a tantric massage, you may be slightly nervous as this is a very intimate act being performed by a complete stranger. It may be surprising to learn that when you enter a clinic or establishment that you will be asked a few details about yourself, your spirituality, lifestyle, health and etc.  In fact, all questions that you would probably expect to answer at a dentist!

Once the preliminaries are over with, you can ask your practitioner questions and at this point you should voice any concerns you have or ask any questions that you really want the answer to. Don’t be shy as it is in your best interest to be open and honest in what you expect. This way you will receive the best experience. In fact if you find that you do not gel or cannot establish any kind of rapport with your practitioner, it may be prudent to find another one. It is essential that there is a high bond of trust between you two. Additionally if you do not like to be touched in any particular area for whatever reason then you should voice this. Your practitioner will respect that decision.

The massage itself can last anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours and you will be guided into the different elements and how to get the best from them. Being aware of your body and the part it plays interacting with your emotions is strongly emphasized and teaching of how to be in the present moment will usually be imparted. Usually, the massage is preceded by guided mediation or a talk with a spiritual element designed to encourage relaxation of mind and give a focus for the massage.

The massage itself will consist of different kinds of movements as well as different pressures over all of the body including the back, front and genitals. Additional props may also be used with different textures such as feathers, silk or bristles. Everyone is different and responds differently to touch so a practitioner will usually be guided by you during this part of the session. The session will generally end with the most sensual part of the massage around the genital area. This is called yoni massage if performed on a woman or Lingam if performed on a man. Orgasm will usually occur and this will have been discussed prior to the massage. Different practitioners will offer different variations within the session and some will offer tantric counseling too.

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