What to expect from your first meeting with a weston divorce attorney

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It’s completely normal to feel a certain amount of anxiety or trepidation when you step into your first meeting with a Weston divorce attorney. Divorce is a tumultuous time for both you and your family, and the idea of exposing your problems and fears to a stranger can leave you feeling awkward or nervous. However, trust and confidence in your lawyer is the core foundation of a successful working relationship, so take advantage of this first interview to notice whether interacting with the attorney puts you at ease by of the end of the interview, leaves your fears unchanged, or worse, keys them up to new heights. The inability to feel confident in your attorney’s professionalism and support is a sure sign that this is not the attorney for you.

What To Expect

When you arrive, you will likely be greeted by a receptionist, who will ask you to fill out a basic form with contact information, and facts and dates relating to your marriage. Once that’s accomplished, you will come face to face with your prospective Weston divorce lawyer, and any support staff he or she may bring into the consultation, and your meeting will begin.

The initial consultation is both an informational and “feeling out” session for both you and your prospective attorney. Most attorneys will ask that you give them a summary of your situation, your reasons for divorce, and your expectations or desired outcome. They will also want full details on any issues you believe may come up during the divorce, or special complexities such as child custody or complicated asset division. You will have been asked to bring certain records, such as tax returns and financial statements, and informational documents to this first consultation. This information is another important factor in allowing a Weston divorce attorney to come up with an effective strategy.

Now is not the time to get hesitant about sharing the details, even if you feel that they are embarrassing or difficult to discuss. The attorney will consider your situation and respond with a suggested strategy and probable outcome, and the more accurately you describe your situation, the better equipped he or she will be to outline a realistic plan and expectation for your marriage dissolution. Don’t stress about what you should or shouldn’t disclose. Simply describe your situation as fully as possible, and answer any questions that may come up. The attorney will know what’s needed in order to come up with a comprehensive game plan.

Before you end the interview, be sure to discuss any questions or worries you have about the divorce, the divorce process, or working with an attorney. Get the facts on any fees you will be expected to pay, whether an advance or retainer is needed, and the payment methods and schedules available. Be sure to ask for full disclosure of potentially costly extras, such as phone conversation fees, and find out whether the attorney charges a flat fee or an hourly rate. Before you commit to an attorney, meet with two or three and compare their methods, personality, and how you feel- remember you and your attorney will work as a team, and a team is only as good as the trust the members hold for each other.


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