Which are the best and the sexiest – blondes, brunettes or ginger-haired?

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It seems to be a useless question but it does not hinder people from discussing it. Can anybody give a certain answer? Actually – yes. It is quite a big secret and to find the right answer to it is difficult. Who are those people who know more or less precise answer? It could be known by experienced love makers but they prefer to keep silent. Such men are not used to speaking a lot about women. Another reason for it is a fact that colour of woman’s hair is very changeable thing. Some can change their hair colour or at least its tone even several times a month. What is her natural colour – it might be bigger secret than the code combination of the thickest safe in the Swiss bank. Besides even the skirt – chaser being endowed with a potency of a rabbit could not be able to collect enough opinions for doing a serious research on it.

It could also be strange if a social research company would try to investigate and find answer to this question. Perhaps hairdressers could be close to the right answer. But the problem also arises here – a good hairdresser most frequently is also a good psychologist, interesting companion for chatting and knows well that talks to the clients and evaluation of the new hairdo stay between them. Also their opinion about sex appeal might be slightly different. There is a quite common presumption that men – hairdressers are mainly supposed to be of homosexual orientation. Moving aside from the theme – this presumption can not be precise. First of all because of knowing enough hairdressers – professionals who are conventionally orientated. A good hairdresser combines preciseness of a watchmaker and feeling of style of a great painter. Nobody will try to declare that most of the world’s best painters and watchmakers are homosexuals. Better to say that vocational master hood has nothing to do with the orientation. Nevertheless, a number of clients to a certain hairdresser is limited and most often selected from the both sides. To some hairdressers go ladies whose main importance is price – others need as much expensive hairdresser as possible, others – who ask a reasonable price. But some may go to a certain hairdresser who manages to be in all possible slick magazines and who has done hair to a celebrity. Some might go to a hairdresser only because he seems to be a homosexual to clients’ husbands but  in truth he can touch the hair so gently, so softly and fondly, with warm touches, can massage her neck a bit, tousle mildly her back of the head, can touch her earlobe and dry her tears and say some nice words that client’s beloved friend might only do after every two World Championships in football. Thus we see that the hairdressers do not have and will not have the absolutely precise answers – which is the sexiest, most intelligent. Their clientele, to some extent, is limited.

If we talk about the cleverness and the colour of the hair first that comes into my mind is  jokes about the blondes. They are all sort. Actually many things should be noticed – first the blondes themselves tell such jokes in order to show their ability to laugh about themselves. They also use them to „send to sleep” the attention of others. We must not evaluate too low the wish of other women to criticize their competitors using the well-known argument – she is a typical blonde! At the same time carefully watching the high life it can be noticed that in the cream of society of business and politic there are quite many important blondes being far more successful than a big part of important rivals of both genders. Summing everything up we can come to a conclusion that stories about „ all sorts blondes” are useful only to those naive who believe in anecdotes on the last pages of a magazine.

But who could then know more or less precise answer? Quite a precise answer can give big cosmetic companies. They are industries worth milliards that spend quite a huge amount of resources for different researches and rewarding great analysts. They clearly see what hairdyes are more marketable, they know who buys and how many special shampoos are usually bought, they are competent in their clients and they can determine what is more often used in certain spheres, professions, groups. They also work carefully with all possible beauticians and can  professionally process acquired data. The magic AC Nielsen is only a beginner level here. At the same time it is clear that industry will never give the answer in a simple way – such and such owners of certain hair colour  are the cleverest, but others – the sexiest.

However, they are quite close to know the correct version of the answer. Does the more extensive part of the public have any hopes to know it? I don’t think so. At first, they are too expensive researches just to throw them about. An

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