Why men and women cheat

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Women are and will always be the smarter superior sex. In being smarter they calculate things better. For example when men cheat it is more spontaneous. Unlike women, men can’t just go out any night of the week and get laid.

Their opportunities in that regard are more limited, therefore when one arises they have to act on it usually right then or loose it forever. Any night a woman goes out she can get it if she really wants to. That’s just a simple fact of life; women can have sex whenever they want. Men can’t.

As a result men are more likely to screw up in getting caught. He can’t pick and choose when, where or with whom his opportunity will happen. He also can’t control as well as women his desire for sex. Men’s desire is more of a physical one; women’s is more of an emotional one.

Women’s intimate desires are more controllable than the physical testosterone calling. When it calls and there’s an opportunity, look out. Women on the other hand can plan to get their strange sex. They will go out of town, plan a shopping trip with the girls or something like that.

Also when women cheat their dealing with a strange guy who is more than likely happy with just a one night stand and leaving it at that. When men cheat they are dealing with a female who likely isn’t so happy just to have a one night’er. She may seek more and pursue him. This may eventually lead to her making sure his wife finds out about it and causes him to get caught. That’s why it seems that men cheat more than women.

Women actually cheat just about as much as men, they just don’t get caught as often. Because they can control their opportunities and desires more, they are better able to pick and choose their time, place and person. That combination will be such that will ensure that they don’t get caught.

Men on the other hand have to take it when its there, regardless of the risk, therefore they get caught more. So guys, look out when your woman goes away. I’m not saying that they cheat whenever they go away; I’m saying that if they are looking to cheat, they will do it when they go away.

Women do aspire to the “If no one knows about it, it didn’t happen” mindset. Regardless of what they do, if no one knows about it or they didn’t get caught, it didn’t happen and they will go to their death claiming it didn’t happen.

Men periodically admit wrong doings; sometimes their conscience makes them admit to things even if their spouse did not know of them. Females would never allow their conscience to get to them that way. They would never feel guilty enough to admit to anything that wasn’t known, not unless it worked to her advantage to do so.

The only other reason she would spill is if she was convinced there was a chance that something about what she did will get back to her spouse and in that case she will want to put her version of events forward first. Of coarse her version won’t be anything close to the truth but will be designed to provide her deniability if he hears from someone else later.

Her selfish desire to maintain her purity is much stronger than their conscience would ever be. They would never be that basic or simple to just give something like that to their spouse, another indicator of their self-righteousness.

Although most of the time men and women have reasons to cheat, men a lot of times just need some “strange”. Men’s biological urges and instincts, which are ingrained in his make up, order him to bed as many women as he can. Although he can curtail that instinct for a while when he is in a happy relationship, eventually he will need some “strange”.

Monogamy is a scary word for men. Just about as scary as commitment. Probably one of the things men fear the most about commitment is monogamy. They don’t ever want to think that they will only be able to bed one women for the rest of his life. That is extremely frightening to most men. Sometimes when men cheat there really is no explainable cause. It’s just that he needed and wanted some “strange”.

Men don’t need the intimacy that women do. When women are finished having sex they crave intimacy then more than even. They want to feel your presence and cuddle, further enjoying the intimate experience they just had. That’s the estrogen and instinctual part of women.

Men on the other hand can’t get the hell out fast enough when they are finished. That’s the testosterone instinctual side of men. They want out and go home or to sleep. The last thing they want is to further prolong the experience and cuddle. They want to rest and prepare for the next female. To a man the definition of “eternity” is from the time he finished ’til the time you get home. That’

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