Why penis girth matters

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Penis girth is the measure of how thick around your penis is.
This is sometimes overlooked but is very important, especially
to women. It just so happens that the first 1/3 of a woman’s
vagina feels the most sensation. Now you see why it’s important
to stimulate this area. But while most guys are worried about
their size in terms of length, it is the girth that really makes
their partner happy.

But before I continue, let me clear up a common myth: any
average vagina can be stretched to fit the largest of penises
(world record is around 13 inches long!). Entire babies can fit
through there, and so can any male member. Preparing her for
entry is the most important step for success.

What is the average size in girth?

A survey from the Durex condom company says the average girth is
5.2 inches. This study was done on almost 3,000 men from 27

How to measure your penis girth

My favorite penis exercise site, Penis-Health, offers the
following advice when measuring girth.

First make sure your penis is 100% erect and hold it out so it’s
parallel to the floor. Wrap a tape measure around the thickest
part of your penis, but don’t pull too tight.

What you can do to improve your penis girth size

A small penis size can have a huge effect on a guy’s outlook on
life. This is because many men think their penis size says what
type of man they are.

A man with a less than average sized penis can practice natural
penis enlargement exercises to increase his size in girth, and
length. This is what worked for me the best, and over 80% of men
doing natural penis enlargement do exercises.

Natural enlargement exercises push blood to new areas of the
penis. There are a lot of tiny blood vessels that have poor
circulation, and they will get used now. You will start to fill
these areas with blood during erections, expanding your girth
and length. Exercises will also stretch and grow new tissue,
adding one to three full inches in size.

Penis girth is important and can improve sex for both partners.
A good way to improve girth and overall penile fitness is to try
natural enlargement exercises. These special exercises fill the
penis with more blood for larger, harder erections.

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