Win your divorce: divorce tactics for men

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My woman done left and took all the reasons I’ve been workin’ for.

–Johnny Paycheck

That line from “Take This Job And Shove It” dosn’t have to be your divorce story.  Don’t let her just take it.

As a man, traditionally, you are at a disadvantage in divorce court unless you lean the strategies and insider secrets that will give you the advantage in the process.

Here are five simple tips to get you started.

  1. She doesn’t love you any more.  Get over it and don’t feel sorry for her even if you have been wrong about things.  Don’t be an SOB but don’t just cave to her requests.  She’s looking out for herself and you’ve got to look out for you – no one else will.  When this thing is over you want to have resources for your life and not be paying for her new car, beauty treatments, or the weekend getaway with the new man.
  2. Watch the money – get control of those joint accounts and credit cards.  Her attorney will probably tell he to close them and take the cash.  Enough said?
  3. Keep positive.  It won’t do fo you to walk around like Eeyore with a rain cloud over your head.  Your friends won’t want to see you and you won’t have any fun.  And the worst part, you won’t really care whats being done to you in the divorce.  Your future is at stake.  Begin creating it now.
  4. Close any income gap between the two of you.  If you go to court and she looks destitute and you look really flush what do you think will happen?  Your CPA can help with your income and there are services that will investigate her true market value if she would get a job.  This is evidence that will help you my friend.
  5. Get the best information, there are strategies that will deny her the best attorneys, that will save you a fortune in taxes, that will help you keep all the stuff you’ve worked for over the years.

Your goal is to take this opportunity to start out on your future on the best foot.  There is no need to give up on the house, the kids, and all the things you’ve worked for.  Learn how to make the divorce work for you, learn how to win your divorce.

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