Women all have a valley of hope

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Women all around the world see themselves as lost souls, if they are single that is and getting on into their mid life. From 30 onwards they see themselves as somewhat of a lost cause, many doubt their ability to find a man who will actually want to spend time with them, but also they will struggle to make the most of their lives because they spend so much time wallowing in self pity.

This is not the way forward for them, and women need to have the valley of hope, this is where us guys come in, we can use this to our advantage and get as much sex as we want for a while. We will go through a mid life crisis at some point but before we do surely it is the best solution for everyone if we just get what we need to get out of lie. Do what we were born to do, and yes take advantage of those whom we seek to, because they will do it to us.

Humans love to do things that don’t involve too much mental attachment, all the things that we need to do in life involve some emotional attachment, but if we can avoid it we will. The same is true of relationships, if we can avoid having to make the most of a situation without having to put too much emotional involvement on the line, then we will.

We don’t want to hurt ourselves, we don’t want to get burnt by anyone in particular, we want a good life but one that involves us not risking too much on the line. This is where women in their thirties are perfect, they’ve been around the block, learnt what they need to learn and know the score, so you can exploit the situation however you wish to.

You can make the most of a situation in a way that makes you feel alive and well. You to can get what you need to get out of life by making the most of everything put in front of you. And if there is an opportunity to do something your friends would be proud of then do it, make the most of it and what’s more get the best out of life whilst you do it. Seize the opportunity and make the most of your life no regrets.

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