Women that men adore – a woman's perspective

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Ok, I finally found what I needed to spark up my marriage!  My husband actually seemed quite bored with me and wasn’t interested in what might make me happy, or even working on our relationship at all.  Desperate, I searched online to try to find some help before I just gave up completely.  I found an awesome book that taught me how to understand my husband’s way of thinking and to use it to my benefit!

Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave” totally changed my way of thinking.  I realized that I was addressing my marital problems from only my perspective, I didn’t think that my husband might seem situations completely different than I did.  Once I figured out that my husband’s mind worked NOTHING like mine I immediately gained the upper hand.

Some of the problems that I thought we were having had never even entered my husband’s mind.  As funny as it sounds, he almost seems to think on a simpler level about the things that I had been dissecting.  He addresses the situation at hand and doesn’t dwell.  We may have an argument, but once it is over…to him it is over.  I would still be stewing over our disagreement while he is concentrating on the football game.  What seemed like a never-ending awkward silence to me would go completely unnoticed to him because he’s forgotten the argument and is watching the game!

This book is written by Bob Grant, L.P.C. and is full of juicy tidbits to get your man to behave just the way you want him to, and he’ll love doing it.  He’ll even be a big charming romantic if that’s what you want!  I am telling you, my relationship life has done a complete 180.  I, or should I say we have never been happier.  You are missing out if you don’t take hold of this great opportunity to improve your marriage life.

Once you read “Woman Men Adore” you can stop looking for answers.  My husband and I have never been happier, and he doesn’t even realize he’s changed!

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