Working well with your weston divorce attorney

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Getting a divorce is a difficult business. Emotions and stress levels run high on both sides. Even in an amicable divorce, where both parties have chosen to peaceably dissolve their marriage, there is still the stress associated with making such a big life change, and tensions can quickly turn into turmoil. The working relationship between you and your Weston divorce attorney should be supportive, efficient and professional. Remember, you and your attorney should work as a team. Unfortunately, sometimes people project the stress, anger and fear that they harbor over the divorce into their attorney client relationship- with disastrous results. Because they treat everyone, including their own attorney, as the enemy, they end up with marriage dissolution terms which leave them feeling taken advantage of. They may end up with a long, drawn out litigation which costs an outrageous amount of money, or worse, are unable to come to any agreement at all, dragging the divorce out for years. In other words, all of their worst fears about the divorce are realized. To avoid this, it’s important to work with your divorce attorney, remembering that one thing you can count on is that they are on your side.

Tips For Working With Your Divorce Attorney

If you don’t trust your attorney, you won’t be comfortable working with him or her, so one of the most important selection factors to consider when choosing your Weston divorce lawyer is how you feel about them. This may seem unimportant next to credentials or legal experience, and those are certainly the first thing you should check out with any prospective attorney. However, one reason it’s so important to have an in person consultation before committing to a specific divorce attorney to so that you can get a feel for how he or she interacts with you, and whether you feel at ease in their company and confident in their professionalism and support when discussing your case.

Trusting your divorce attorney is vital for another reason. Clients who don’t trust their lawyers will try to hide or misrepresent, or delay crucial information or asset disclosures, and this is a sure-fire way to sabotage your own case. If you think it may be to your benefit to leave something undisclosed in the divorce, you should discuss that idea with your attorney. It’s his or her job to make sure that you make appropriate- and legal- choices that support your desired outcome, but keeping them in the dark will cripple their ability to help you, and may lead them into an embarrassing or risky legal blunder. Your weston divorce attorney won’t appreciate all the trouble you’ve caused, or the extra work they’ll have to engage in to fix it- and you won’t appreciate the higher bill.

Another way to self-sabotage is to harbor unrealistic expectations. Often anger fuels a desire to “get even” rather than equitably divide assets and property. If your attorney suggests that your expectations are unrealistic or may be clouded by emotion, trust them enough to listen to their advice and work with them to review and realign your expectations. Managing your expectation helps your attorney get you the best resolution possible.

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