Your woman's romantic vacation list

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Here’s how to be her dream trip date

Planning a romantic future with the woman you love? Are you a couple of weeks or days of this special getaway with the love of your life? I bet you want to impress her and give her a break will never forget. If you really want to make this trip special and your travel date of your dreams, there are some things you can know first.

Do your homework and you and it will be both a wonderful romance. Just follow the guidelines below.

They focus on him alone. This trip is about the two of you. Do not spend talking about other people, past romances, the guys at work or talking on his cell phone during your romantic vacation. This is your time together and she wants to feel like they are paying attention to it and enjoy some time alone with her. Also be careful when you speak, make eye contact and listen carefully to what he says.

Leave the TV (and other devices) alone. Even if there is a TV in the hotel room, avoid vegetating in front of the “small screen” and spending time with the woman of his dreams. If at the end or watch some movies together, so go ahead, but avoid their desire to see the football game or your favorite show on Friday night during their romantic holiday. You should also avoid computers, email, PDAs and other electronic devices that interfere with their time together and give the impression of not enjoying their company.

Bring her a gift sincere. Surprise her with a special gift to commemorate the festival together. You can get something sexy and romantic or maybe something special she always wanted. A good tip is to really think about it and get something special that has meaning rather than just a store bought product fast does not mean much. You can bring a surprise in your bag or take (or do) something while in your destination. It will be really impressed by your kindness.

Surprise her with something less traditional. If you really want to show a wonderful time romantic, you could mix things up and try something different and original. You can schedule days adventure biking or rafting. You can enjoy the night “roughing it” out of the next one to sleep on the beach. Surprise her adventure skydiving, or something else that is fun and exciting. You will remember this trip for several years.

Remember to be yourself. Some men still feel the need to show and try to impress their ladies, no matter how long you were together. Remember, if she invites you to walk with her (or agree to go with you), then there is something you loved it and want to be around. Try not to exaggerate or act like something else to impress. Relax, show him your true self and have a great time. She will see your sincerity and match with his.

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